My First Post

Inspired by Drew Devault’s article1, I decided to start a blog!

Before this blog, this domain wasn’t used for anything except my email address and some private services. It was quite the empty place, but I’m hoping to fill it up with anything that interests me. Which will likely be related to technology or real-life experiences.

Some information about me is that I’m 22 and from the beautiful country of Belgium. I speak Dutch, English and a tiny bit of French and Italian. But the latter 2 are more a collection of words rather than cohesive knowledge.

I also recently switched from the AZERTY (Belgian Period) keyboard layout to QWERTY, which has been an experience. It’s possible some typos make it through this post.

You can send me an email at if you have any kind of feedback.

~ Maarten

  1. I made this blog after the reward program ended, I did not receive money for this. ↩︎